Paul Walter Hauser on Stingray’s Season 4 Return

[This story contains spoilers for Cobra Kai season four.]

Stingray is back – and Cobra Kai Fans couldn’t be more excited.

The fourth season of the hugely popular Netflix series released on New Year’s Eve and has been among the top shows on the platform globally, according to Netflix’s own numbers.

With the new season comes the return of fan favorite Raymond, aka Stingray – played by award-winning actor Paul Walter Hauser – an eccentric jerk who just wants to fit in with the karate crowd famous, despite being old and rather out of place. .

Introduced in Cobra Kai season two, Stingray was absent from season three because Hauser was busy with another big project. Now he’s back – but the return of the character comes at a hefty price, which is how season four ended.

The Hollywood Reporter talked to Hauser about joining Cobra Kai cast, Stingray’s return for a fourth season, and why the actor was late to his pitch meeting for the series.

How did you initially get into Cobra Kai series?

I got a call from my rep telling me the creators watched I, Tonya and got a character for me in part two. I didn’t watch Cobra Kai, but it seems like some kind of silly revival idea. But, I dug the creators [Jon Hurwitz, Josh Heald and Hayden Schlossberg] Harold and Kumar movies and Hot tub time machine. On the bus ride to lunch to meet them, I watched the first three episodes of Cobra Kai on my iPad. I was so hooked that I arrived 10 minutes late to the meeting just to end an episode. We ate Mexican food and kept quoting the movie Dirty work and talk about our admiration for John Goodman in The Big Lebowski. That is so that. The show was great, they were great. And they bought me nachos.

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Did you know Raymond (Stingray) would be back in season four, or were you just surprised to get the call?

Josh, Jon, and Hayden offered me season three in early August 2019, but I committed to doing it Cruella for Disney. So I have to pass and hope they can let me back in the future. I am very grateful they did. The show understands its tone and characters closely. Cobra Kai There are smart people doing silly things – which I can’t understand.

Cobra Kai The fans are the core. What is your feedback like?

When I walk through the airport at 6 a.m., they don’t scream, “Yo, we LOVE that you played that racist game BlacKkKlansman! ” They shouted, or whispered, “Stingraaaaay” with a mischievous grin. I love the show and hope that one day I can shoot scenes for season seven while doing a Jane Campion movie side by side.

Speaking of other seasons, I know season five has already been shot. Can you tease anything about Stingray?

I can’t say anything about Stingray in season five.

The edited interview is long and clear.

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