Peacock’s ‘One of Us Is Lying’ Review

Peacock’s One of us is lying a little Breakfast Cluba little Gossip Girla little Pretty little liars. and real crime. But acknowledging the clichés it’s trading isn’t the same as breaking through them, and the result of all this mixing and matching is a teen murder mystery series that is always watchable but not. ever good.

Based on the book by Karen McManus, the series begins on the first day of school with a tantalizing post About that – a blog about all of the school’s dirtiest secrets, run by Simon (Mark McKenna) – the anomalous outcast – promises revelations about four unnamed students. Before Simon could free himself, however, he was taken into custody. And before his detention was over, he died of an allergic reaction, in what police appeared to be a homicide.

One of us is lying

Key point

Easy to get drunk and easy to forget.

Release date: Thursday, October 7

Cast: Annalisa Cochrane, Chibuikem Uche, Marianly Tejada, Cooper van Grootel, Barrett Carnahan, Mark McKenna, Melissa Collazo, Jessica McLeod

Production operator: Darío Madrona, Erica Saleh, John Sacchi, Matt Groesch

Based on the book of: Karen McManus

Suspicion quickly fell on the four students who had been with him when he died – each harboring a secret that could derail their future, and each had reason to fear that they’re about to be revealed on Simon’s next move. There’s Bronwyn (Marianly Tejada), an A-grader who may not be as clean as she seems; Cooper (Chibuikem Uche), the star baseball player still in the closet; Addy (Annalisa Cochrane), the cheerleader who cheated on her longtime boyfriend; and Nate (Cooper van Grootel), a small-time drug dealer whose next offense could land him in jail.

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For all the convoluted plots suggested by that premise, One of us is lyingYour secret weapon is a more sophisticated one. Showrunner Darío Madrona (upstream) grips the pacing of the murder mystery, uncovering twists and turns in a clip steady enough to keep the viewer’s attention never going too far – but slow enough for each new revelation have time to sink into the biggest explosions of bombs (usually in new form About that posts from any anonymous creepers who have taken over the account since Simon’s death) are implemented with restraint and tend to scramble for the table exactly when we or the characters are on the move feel too comfortable.

Meanwhile, the ever-changing friendships, feuds, and romances between different characters rely on teen drama realism that no one in high school is exactly the social stereotype they seem to be. like. Predictably, the four survivors find themselves forced together by Simon’s death, and predictably, they understand each other better, in a way, than their friends and family do. . The show’s most moving scenes tend to imply these cross-sectarian connections: Addy teases Nate about his apparent puppy love for Bronwyn, or Cooper begins to warm to Nate after realize their life at home is not as different as they had thought.

And what evades? One of us is lying is a special spark to set it apart from all the other murder mysteries and teen dramas out there – some subvert or deepen the formulas it trades, some jagged edges to break all its slick capacity. In the first episode, Simon groans that Bayview High is a complete cliché: “Like everyone is here to audition for a reboot of a John Hughes movie.” After the first three volumes were sent to critics (for a total of eight volumes), the series has yet to shake that sentiment. The characters still feel more like archetypes than living, breathing people. If any insight is to be found into Simon’s death or everything that followed, the series has yet to determine what it might be.

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The show is greeted almost continuously with a sour, sad mood, with a few brief or painful moments. (A surprisingly adorable exception is Nate occasionally chatting with her pet iguana. More please.) The colors are pretty but muted, as if they’ve been fed through a special Instagram filter. positive distinctions and similarly limited performances. Lending Artistic Choices One of us is lying a sham, to be fair, that seems fitting for a show about people trying desperately to cover up unflattering truths about themselves. But they also keep the emotions of the show close at hand.

This shortfall is not insurmountable. With everything in the program do went for it, One of us is lying slide neatly into that category of streaming shows you can binge on over the weekend without really making any sense. The story continues at a painless pace, and the characters are easy enough to like, if not really interesting enough to fall in love with. But without any notable quirky stories or deep insights (or, really, even a character that’s fun to hate or fun to crush), it’s also a good chapter. The process is likely to disappear from memory as soon as the conversation is over. Maybe Nate, Cooper, Bronwyn and Addy really have hidden depths. But their performances are all smooth surfaces.

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