Season 2 of Peacock Comedy Is a Delight

If Girls5evaIn some ways, their first installment is like a throwback to the past – where its protagonists reunite to regain the former glory of their early girl group, 20 years. after – the second part represents a step into the future. After successfully garnering attention at Jingle Ball in the season one finale, Dawn (Sara Bareilles), Wickie (Renée Elise Goldsberry), Summer (Busy Philipps) and Gloria (Paula Pell) dive headfirst into the business of creating their next album, while also trying to grow in their personal lives.

But the growth for these characters isn’t so much about becoming other people but becoming more confident versions of the lovable oddballs they already are. In all the best ways, Girls5eva, and Girls5evadidn’t change much.


Key point

More than a one-time wonder.

Release date: Thursday, May 5 (Peacock)
Cast: Sara Bareilles, Renée Elise Goldsberry, Paula Pell, Philipps are busy
Creator: Meredith Scardino

Humor-on-joke-joke comic rhythm, which is characteristic of the series produced by Tina Fey – also includes 30 Rock, Good news and Kimmy Schmidt Unbreakable – feels maybe even smoother in the eight episodes of the new season. For every punch delivered with great excitement, often by Goldsberry’s delightfully obnoxious Wickie, there seem to be dozens of others either ignoring the comments, or silently switching to random props. For every stabbing jab into the ruthless showbiz world these characters inhabit, there is another absurdity that exists simply as silly. If not every joke happens (and when you have a lot of jokes piled on top of each other, a few, such as a few nods to Ruth Bader Ginsberg, are sure to feel more pursued than others. other), is more than enough to bring a consistently good time.

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Showrunner Meredith Scardino’s jokes are sharpened by a hyper-specific perspective: For me, an elderly woman in a major coastal city expertly obsessed with internet pop culture, Allusions to bad art friends, terrible PR by Matt Damon, or industry types like “the guy who dresses up completely in gaudy costumes from canceled shows” is almost achieved also close to home – seems to be exactly the kind of somewhat embarrassing revelation that Girls5eva very fair, will tease me for.

The second season expends a bit less energy than the ranking failure of the recent past, perhaps because so many other shows are now taking that crust. But it’s very wise about the specific challenges and joys of life for women in their 40s. For example, in the “fun” category: sweatpants have become absolute in the back too much. time sitting on the chair watching Business Throne with your spouse.

There’s an entire plot around Gloria’s knee replacement, and another about “geriatric” pregnancy possibilities, where one brochure likens the uterus of a 35-year-old woman to “Dresden after Allied bombing.” Not all observations are particularly refreshing: There is hardly any news that mothers seem to bear a greater burden of parenting – despite the fact that Heidi Gardner plays a mother. Colleagues may have an ulterior motive of just emailing other mothers making for a rather interesting way to reiterate it. (And a well-deserved knowledge of Ted Lasso’s approach to parenting at the end of the season definitely made me chuckle.)

Meanwhile, Girls5eva also keep an eye on the continued absurdities of the entertainment business. In this enhanced version of the series, all publishers are named Amanda, all publishers are named Amanda. put together the entire album in just six weeks, leading to disastrous song ideas like Dawn trying to use all 430 definitions of the word “set” in an eight-minute track. Fans need not worry, though: The girls are still capable of creating explosive hairstyles like “BPE” (Big Pussy Energy), using Goldsberry’s gifts as a rapper.

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Meanwhile, the girls face challenges building their own personalities, some more willingly than others. The most effective of these storylines focuses on Summer, who this season graduates from a sweet yet sheltered snack to…still a sweet yet sheltered snack, but a man who is increasingly comfortable with his own life after his divorce from Kev (Andrew Rannells). Philipps, who perfected Summer’s combination of dullness and sincerity last season, shines even brighter when we see the character try out slightly different survival modes.

Meanwhile, Goldsberry manages the trick to make Wickie seem lighter and more self-aware, without sacrificing the theatrical and self-absorbed abilities that make her the standout comic of the chapter. submit. She’s still the type of woman who would announce “I have a call in another room” and turn on her phone in the apartment instead of spending so much time talking to Sheawn (Chad L. Coleman), a man Norwegian refers to himself as a “lunch lord” (“It’s the masculinity of women at lunch,” he explains to a scornful Wickie). But she’s also become someone who can be willing to be open enough to show someone she cares about her “bad” feet – which, the horror of horror, threatens to bring down her score on WikiFeet.

There is genuine camaraderie in the way the women lean on each other, even though it seems like a missed opportunity. Girls5eva so often fall into two identical pairs (namely Summer/Gloria and Dawn/Wickie). One of the few episodes this season that combines those duos offers an unexpectedly touching dividend as Gloria and Wickie bond over their lingering grief over their late fifth bandmate, Ashley. (Ashley Park), who viewers of season one will remember dying in a very tragic- swimming pool accident; Of course, this creature Girls5evathey deal with their pain by harassing another pop star whose stage figure lies somewhere between Lady Gaga and Daft Punk.

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In a season-opening broadcast, a news anchor described the group as hit wonders in hopes of becoming a double-hit wonder. That can’t help but feel like a comment on the show itself, which, after a season of well-received freshmen faced with high demands, is somehow capturing that magic. once again. Girls5eva season two tries to hit all the same highs, while expanding its scope a bit to make room for serious self-reflection amid all that goofy jokes. Now that’s big pussy energy.

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