‘Set It Up’ Review

New Netflix Movies Set it being touted as the return of the rom-com, although it doesn’t look like we’re actually suffering from the scarcity (see: How to be single, Sleep with someone else, Go home, Shipwreck and several others over the past few years).

But the movie really feels like a comeback – perhaps more precisely a return to form – and that’s because Set itdirected by Claire Scanlon (whose television directorial work includes Kimmy Schmidt Unbreakable and Brooklyn Nine-Nine) and written by Katie Silberman, should certainly follow the formula of the genre’s contemporary heyday. This latest iteration involves the familiar quarrel-friend-love story from the Meg Ryan movies (You have mail and When did Harry meet Sally); word matchmaking element Know nothing and Mother Trap; and a lovable nerd heroine reminiscent of Josie Geller (Never been kissed) and Laney Boggs (She is everything).

Key point

A sweet classic romantic comedy with a 21st century twist.

While a lot of recent rom-com releases have attempted to elevate the genre – often by going the aggressive route – Set it The classic and familiar feel is so purposeful that it hits the spot that feels nostalgic.

But this passage down to memory made a little more sense in 2018, as exemplified by the casting of Taye Diggs and Lucy Liu as the boss – roles typically given to white actors. Their love story is part of a romantic adventure, but the orchestrators behind their unlikely “cute encounter,” Harper (Zoey Deutch) and Charlie (Glen Powell), are the center. the real heart of the story. They are two overworked and underpaid assistants who work for the big ESPN reporter Kirsten (Liu) and top businessman Rick (Diggs) respectively.

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Despite being in different industries, they all share the same building, and after a fateful late night at the office, the two assistants meet, fight, and devise a plan to set up their bosses. surname. (Interestingly, when one of the characters literally says “set it up” in the movie, it doesn’t mean it this ) The two assistants reasoned that if their bosses were preoccupied with each other (read: arranged), they would be easier on their employees, giving them more free time to pursue their own dreams – Or just take the long-needed nap.

Harper wanted to become a writer herself, but was frustrated by her overwhelming ambition and lack of breath from her demanding work; Her busy schedule has also prevented her from getting a date for many years. On the other hand, Charlie has his eye on a promotion that he believes is only imminent, in part to please his materialistic, status-loving girlfriend (Joan Smalls). They execute the plan with high expectations, but what they don’t expect is the mutual desire to spend more time together – and not just while tricking their boss.

The Parent TrapThe plan was to create some of the funniest scenes of the movie, including the elevator shutdown coordinated by Harper and Charlie with the help of a maintenance worker (a hilarious cameo from Kimmy Schmidtby Tituss Burgess). Then there’s a forced kissing situation during a baseball game that speeds up their first kiss.

Silberman’s script is so full of jokes that the hilarity of the characters’ jokes – especially between the mouth-mouthed Deutch and the big-eyed Powell – will take you to romantic heights. Diggs and Liu were given more bizarre roles – the former being a laptop thrower, the latter being described as Miss Piggy and Voldemort’s spawning ground but with low blood sugar – so there’s going to be a little It’s surprising when we glimpse their sympathetic sides, but they’re both very excited nonetheless.

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Set it reaches such a high level that it skips some plots and potentially carnivorous plots. For example, what does the Harper and Charlie situation say about the millennial work culture? Then there’s the gay BFF character for Charlie, but given the unfortunate performance of Pete Davidson (who isn’t funny and charismatic here), this addition seems like the wrong move for a series. The movie has such a good performance.

Set it almost predictable in the best sense: There’s timeless enjoyment to watching two people go head-to-head and then eventually fall in love. If the major studios don’t make romantic comedies like they used to, perhaps original content streaming services like Netflix will prove to be a lifesaver for a particular genre of movies that everyone loves. aspirants – even if they require a bit of 21st-century innovation.

Production company: Treehouse Pictures
Distributor: Netflix
Actors: Zoey Deutch, Glen Powell, Lucy Liu, Taye Diggs, Joan Smalls, Meredith Hagner, Pete Davidson
Directed by: Claire Scanlon
Screenwriter: Katie Silberman
Producers: Juliet Berman, Carrie Fix, Justin Nappi, Katie Silberman
Director of Photography: Matthew Clark
Production Design: Jane Musky
Costume designer: Rebecca Hofherr
Editors: Wendy Greene, Bricmont
Composer: Laura Karpman

105 minutes

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