Seth Rogen is Alive Despite Hilarious TikTok Theory

Seth Rogen is alive and well – he promised.

The actor on Tuesday responded to a hilarious TikTok that questioned his health because these days his social media pages are mostly about his other favorite hobby (no, no smoking): ceramic.

Rogen regularly shares new vases and other works – often in color – (with lots of ashtrays) that he has made at his Hollywood home.

A TikTok user created a two-minute music post in which people (jokingly) questioned whether Rogen was kidnapped or dead. “Has anyone seen Seth Rogen lately? I’ve seen a lot of pictures of his jars. I haven’t seen a recent photo of my face. I have a crazy theory. Seth has been kidnapped by a shady potter,” the lyrics begin.

Rogen on Twitter shared TikTok and wrote, “This video is so funny and not real! I was not kidnapped! This is not a kidnapper writing this from Seth’s narration! I promise!” Some users responded that the message was exactly what a kidnapper would say.

Rogen has devoted himself to ceramics after taking pottery classes with his wife in 2017.

“It makes you present and focused on whatever you are doing at any given time,” he said in a June interview with GQ UK. you are making pottery.”

Rogen and his wife are so picky they built a studio in their garage with three ceramic wheels – one for them and one for the guests. Posts about his creations on social media always receive a huge response, mostly shared by fans as he prepares to open a store.

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