‘Sex and the City’ Stand-In Alleges Chris Noth’s Behavior Was “Toxic”

Heather Kristin, who used to stand in front Sex and the city star Kristin Davis, reviewed the essay that went viral in February 2021 for The Independent following the allegations against actor Chris Noth, first published in The Hollywood Reporter one week ago.

In the original essay, titled, “I am a supporter of Charlotte Sex and the city. Some of the behavior I see still shocks me,” Kristin – who says she stood for Davis’ Charlotte for four seasons on the original HBO series – wrote of an “alpha male actor” who came up derogatory comment about a co-star.

In an update to the column published Thursday, Kristin referred to that actor as Noth, writing, “I remember his malicious behavior all too clearly.”

Kristin wrote, “The first time the ‘alpha male’ actor slid his hand down my back and over my butt, I was at a loss. I’m in my 20s and have been working on set for over a decade; I have never been dealt with. “That’s your place, honey,” Noth said, inching closer. “

Kristin says she tried her best to stay out of his way after the interaction: “My gut told me to give up on that first date. Instead, I stayed too long, like being in a bad relationship for so many years, hoping I would persevere and hit my big break.”

About a year later, Kristin alleges that Noth pointed to Cynthia Nixon’s Miranda and said, “I want that person tied up, gagged, and taken to my trailer.” She wrote, “As he approached me, I clenched my fists, stood shoulder-to-shoulder, and said, ‘This is her space and me.’ He stepped back, raised his hands in the air and said, ‘Whoa, here, little girl!’ He doesn’t even know my name. I clenched my jaw and didn’t respond. The whole group laughed. But I’ve had enough; I finally stood up for myself and for others.”

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On December 16, two women allege they were sexually assaulted by Noth. Zoe, now 40, and Lily, 31 – who don’t know each other and who used a pseudonym for the story – approached CHEAP separate and a few months apart with their stories, each deciding to move on after being triggered by Noth, starring in a revival of the iconic series with HBO Max’s And just like that reboot, this killed the character Mr. Big of Noth in its first episode.

Noth, who denies the allegations, was quickly removed by his management company and other show, CBS. Equalizer, after the story. Peloton also pulled a viral ad it created with Noth and Ryan Reynolds following the death of Mr.

Stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Nixon and Davis have since supported the women who issued a joint statement.

“When Mr. Big, the character played by Chris Noth, dies in the first episode of SATC restart And just like that, I feel relieved,” Kristin wrote in Thursday’s updated essay. “I am sure that the three women [a third woman came forward to the Daily Beast] Those who came forward last week with sexual assault allegations against Noth feel the same way. “

Kristin also claims that, after the publication of her original essay, she was silenced by And just like that casting director when she contacted about returning as a sub for the reboot. “I found myself wondering if I’d be blacklisted for speaking out,” she said, questioning Noth’s demise on screen. “Big gets killed in the first episode because the producers know his troubles?”

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A representative for Noth denied the allegations, saying CHEAP, “Now that everyone is flocking to Chris Noth, the time is unquestionably convenient to pull him into her ‘recollection’ of the events. Chris denies these allegations and has never had a single complaint or report of him acting inappropriately on set. Sex and the city. “

CHEAP have reached out to HBO and HBO Max, as well as Kristin, for further comment.

Big’s death is said to be a major plot point in season three SATC The movie was never brought to the screen. In a year 2018 Sex and the city chapter for James Andrew Miller’s Source podcast, the host reported that Big died “relatively early” in the film about a heart attack in the shower, according to the screenplay. At the time, Miller said the story of Big’s death and its focus on Carrie Bradshaw (Parker) made Kim Cattrall – who was responsible for the third film that never started – uninterested in the movie. her portrayal of Samantha Jones.

And So on showrunner Michael Patrick King recently told Vanity Fair that Big’s death was the reboot’s “origin story”. “No one wants to come back if [the show] would not be different,” he said. “More than [Noth and Patrick King] the more he talked about it, the more he understood that it was for Carrie – and Carrie’s plot was, it’s better to love and lose than never love at all. “

December 23, 11 a.m.: Updated to include Noth rep’s response.

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