Sopranos Super Bowl LVI Spot Made Star Jamie-Lynn Sigler Emotional

Jamie-Lynn Sigler returns as Meadow Soprano for a Chevrolet Super Bowl commercial – and fans of the iconic HBO hit series will likely get goosebumps.

Actress and her Sopranos disturbing, actor Robert Iler (AJ Soprano), appears in the “New Generation” slot – touting the first Chevy Silverado EV – recreating, shoot-to-shoot, the series’ prologue. Of course, Alabama 3’s “Woke Up This Morning” is the guide.

Sopranos David Chase creator and HBO series cinematographer Phil Abraham also worked on the ad, which was created by the Commonwealth agency // McCann. The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Sigler to discuss returning to the character, the show’s legacy, the excitement of creating the Super Bowl commercial, and more.

As a crazy fan, that moment gave me goosebumps. How do you replay Meadow for this ad?

Sopranos It’s been this unique experience that every time we think it’s going to be the last time we do something, something else always comes along. When I got the call about this trailer, the whole concept made perfect sense: It was Chevrolet coming out with this all-new Silverado EV. It’s about a new generation, which Meadow and AJ represent. I think that’s a great idea. And then when they told me David Chase was on board and Phil Abraham would [the cinematographer], it’s very special. It was a dream to fulfill. I had chills the whole time.

It’s interesting to imagine what-if-if the show goes on. How much have you thought about Meadow’s future, even though she’s been involved in the family business?

I played that character for 10 years, and I always wondered what it was like, where she was in her life. I was able to go back immediately. Despite her rebellion and all her disappointment, she is her father’s daughter. And if anyone has the ability to run everything at any given time, it’s definitely Meadow.

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Advertising is a great gig, but a Super Bowl spot is huge. Has it sunk in yet?

It is a great honor. I can’t wait for people to come see it because I haven’t even told anyone but my family. I am delighted to hear the response. You hear that music, and you can only imagine everyone’s heads going to the screen and then to Chevrolet.

Do you have a favorite episode?

I watched the entire series for the first time in 2020. I’m glad I waited, for a number of reasons, including the passage of time for me not to dissect my performance. It’s always “University.” It was my biggest first. And I have to spend a lot of time for [the late star James Gandolfini]. I learned a lot, not only as an actor, but also as a team player on set. He taught me how to find my voice on set and my voice is very important. I was very young and very green, but I patted myself on the back, like, “Look at you. You are holding your own. “

I know the question asked the most to David Chase, but what are you asked the most?

Has she learned to parallel park? (Laugh.) People ask about the ending, if there is a secret. And, no, there are no secrets. I think it was perfect.

Finally, David Chase recently signed a master deal with Warner Bros. can signal more Sopranos the projects. Safe to say you will be back?

I don’t think David could read the full sentence before I jumped in and said, “Yes!” (Laugh.) Hence of course.

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The edited interview is long and clear.

Check out the promo and behind-the-scenes features below.

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