‘South Park’ Mocks QAnon, Vaccine Line-Cutters in Hourlong “Vaccination Special”

South Park returns early Wednesday with the hour-long “Vaccination Special,” which tackles a slew of titles over the past several months that creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone had to tackle before the series went live into the season. normal revenue.

The South ParQ: Special Immunization (simulcast on MTV2) marked the second hour-long special that the comedy series Central produced. And just like the first “Pandemic Special” last fall, the episode was created remotely.

From the rush of anxious people to get a COVID-19 vaccine (Walgreens is considered a popular nightclub) and those who cut the line to Mr. Garrison finally getting back to himself after four years playing the character Donald Trump-esque, the stand-up special packed a lot of foul, outrageous punches. Garrison’s journey back to his old self is one of the main storylines.

The episode opens with a disclaimer that claims to contain negative and abusive depictions of people and cultures, a note mocking the disclaimers that have been added to the films, and classic TV shows on streaming services, such as Disney+ and HBO Max.

The particular person mocked QAnon’s far-right conspiracy theory, turning members into tutors for South Park Elementary students, thus turning the kids into “Lil ‘Qties.” Parker and Stone also mocked themselves as “Hollywood elites” over a photo of their favorite movie, BASEketball.

The show, like most productions, was forced to go on hiatus due to the pandemic, which meant that for the first time in 23 years, there wasn’t a full season. South Park. It’s unclear if the show will return to its regular 10 episodes this fall.

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In 2019, South Park was extended until 2022. The show’s entire library of shows moved from Hulu to HBO Max last year in a deal believed to be worth $500 million.

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