‘Suits’ Midseason Finale Spoilers Aaron Korsh Interview

[Warning: Spoilers ahead for the season five summer finale of Suits, “Faith.”]

After focusing much of the fifth season around Harvey (Gabriel Yacht) and Daniel’s impending threat Hardman (David Costabile) take over the company, Suit changed the game in the last few scenes of mid season final’s night. To save the company from its takeover, Harvey resigned, while Mike (Patrick J. Adams) withdrew on her own to focus on a law-abiding life with Rachel (Meghan Markle) and their future children. Unfortunately, it was too late, because in the end anyway, Mike Ross was arrested for fraud.

To find out what happens next after this game-changing turning point and how this capture will affect the rest of the crew at Pearson Specter Litt, The Hollywood Reporter catch up with creators and showrunner Aaron Korsh.

Why is now the right creative time for Mike to get arrested?

We decide at the end of season four or maybe the beginning of season five. Enough people have figured out Mike’s secret – we go to that well a lot to keep people from finding out. At one point, we thought that instead of letting someone else find out, we wanted him to be found. It feels like the right thing to do; you can only keep this within the finish for so long. When we started Suit I don’t know how long it will last or how it will end. But when I think back, I would probably think that the end of it would be Mike getting discovered, maybe five years from now. So we have 5 years left. Let him be explored and overcome and find out what happens after that.

How far have you planned now? And could the show go live next season?

We have not planned. Every year, we think we have enough stories to last 16 episodes, and by the time episode 10, we’ve done everything we thought we’d do. By six behind, we scramble, but usually that’s when we come up with some of our best. I can say that over the past few years, I have been very confident that Suit will go seven seasons. We’re strong enough in ratings and they make money off of us, and even if we do drop, I think they’ll give us that. This year when we renew [season] six I’m not surprised, I don’t sweat it and I don’t sweat season seven. I feel like we’ll probably go at least eight people, but I don’t know for sure.

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Will finding out who turned Mike into a fairy tale in the following six episodes?

I’m an anomaly, because it seems like when everyone finds out that Mike is going to be found out – the writer, the reporter, the episode editor – the first question is, “Who did that?” ?” The only person who didn’t ask that question first was me. In real life, you may never know who did it. The bigger question is: what are we going to do about it? But after being asked that question by hundreds of different people, it was like, ‘OK. I guess we need to explore this. ‘ We won’t find out in [episode] 511, but we’ll get down the line.

How do you get to that person?

On top of my head I don’t have the number of people who know the secret so it could be any of them. Or, it could be someone who has found someone you’ve never known before. It could be a friend, an enemy, a neutral party or someone who has never even met Mike. We went through the whole process and found someone I liked. It doesn’t have to be poetic, but we’ve seen a lot of different reactions to people finding out about Mike’s secret and this is a new one.

Should viewers see this coming, with flashbacks?

I don’t want you to see it coming, I can tell. I don’t believe in life you will see it coming. They will not send a letter or a flash of light saying they are coming; they will catch up. It’s ironic that the day he decided to stop committing the crime he was committing was the day he was arrested. There are certain days in most people’s lives where there are “before that” and “after that.” Everything changed that day. For Mike, we actually see two of those days in the same episode, because we see the day he finds out his parents are dead, which obviously changed the trajectory of his life. him forever, and then we also see the day he was arrested, which will change this trajectory of his life forever.

Where will everything be received when Suit return?

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We struggled with that quite a bit, whether it was possible to move forward in six months, two years or a few weeks. And it turns out we landed where we usually (but not always), which is where we get pretty much straight away.

What consequences will Mike’s arrest have on the rest of the company?

Once Mike is caught, everything that happens in the episode before that minute is up for grabs. It needs to be reconsidered. Harvey may have just stepped down, but he’s going to question whether he should go ahead with it because of this new thing. Mike just resigned. He may or may not question whether he should do it because of this. Everything has happened up to this point – once Mike is arrested, it’s like you’re circling the train cars and figuring out what the next business sequence is. Previous decisions will be reviewed. And not only in [episode] 511, but I will say the back six in general.

Harvey addressed his parents’ issues before revealing it. Is that thread sewn up now?

Mike was made to dominate everything. If you were in therapy and you walked out with some amazing realization and someone shot you in the foot, you worry about the fact that you just got shot in the leg. You will not celebrate your maturity. Metaphorically, Harvey was shot in the leg. All were shot in the leg. We won’t get a chance to really get to know Harvey’s ramifications in therapy for a while as he’s currently tending to that bullet wound. However, in real life, if Mike hadn’t been caught, I don’t know if Harvey would have suddenly become a changed man. The revelations tend to affect you and then you return to being yourself. Two steps forward, one step back. But it’s certainly a big step in that direction.

How will all of this affect Mike and Rachel?

We’ll tackle what we think are some of the consequences this will have on their relationship. The full six behind is about what this will do for each person at the company. As for Mike and Rachel, what will revealing that Mike is a scammer do to them? Her mom and dad will find out, so what will that do? What will the reaction be? What damage will that pressure do to their relationship? Obviously that’s huge, and it remains to be seen how they will react to it. It will give them a chance to understand the conflict but also be there for each other. In the end, it will have a big effect on their relationship. The truth of the matter is that I’m not 100% sure what the ultimate fate of their relationship in these last six will be.

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What’s behind the episode dedicated to Elaine Zane?

Elaine Zane is Bonnie Zaneof mom. She is our casting director and a beloved member of Suit family. Her mother passed away unexpectedly very recently. It’s Gabriel Macht’s idea to put it up there. Bonnie didn’t know about it, but she was a very important part of the show. In the original pilot, I named Rachel Zane’s character Rachel Lane because I used the names of people I already knew. But it’s unclear because it’s too similar to someone’s name. So we changed it to Rachel Zane because of Bonnie Zane.

Do you want anything more?

Much of the first half of the season was focused on Harvey. Obviously there’s other stuff going on but it’s mostly about Harvey and what he’s dealing with with treatment after losing Donna. The last six seasons will focus a bit more on Mike and what he has to go through after his arrest. It will no doubt affect each of us six from top to bottom. But put yourself in Mike’s shoes and imagine what his life would be like right now. We’ll get some more insight into how he handles this from here.

Are you glad Mike’s secret is finally exposed? Who do you think sold him out? Turn off the sound in the comments below.

Suit returned to the US Network in early 2016.

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