‘Superintelligence’ Review

Lighthearted, mid-way comedy – that’s the franchise that Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone created together in their previous three films. With McCarthy as the star and sometimes co-writer, and Falcone as the director and screenwriter, the real-life couple has turned into innocuous, light-hearted humor. Life of the Party (2018), Boss (2016) and Tammy (2014). Their latest, Intelligence, was originally set up for theaters but now premieres on HBO Max, coming from the same cookie cutter.

McCarthy plays Carol Peters, who eight years ago left a large, unspecified job at Yahoo to do some good in the world. We first see her at a Seattle street fair trying to get people to adopt puppies. But she was ready for a job and in one interview was mocked as “the most ordinary person on Earth”. An Artificial Intelligence has become sentient and has the ability to obliterate the eavesdropping humanity, and make Carol the representative of all people, giving her a few days to prove that humanity is worth saving.

Key point

The nature of normal.

RELEASE DATE November 26, 2020

Clap for common people is a good idea, but a movie About The most ordinary person on earth shouldn’t it is in It’s completely normal in itself. McCarthy can make Carol likable and likable, but even someone as talented as her can’t make this honest worker interesting. Written by Steve Mallory, co-writer Boss with McCarthy and Falcone, Intelligence is a combination of the usual on-screen elements: a romance, a best friend, a bit of sci-fi, romance, and a ticking clock about the deadly danger to the older brother. hero. All those elements are handled with the feeling of just going through the steps.

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However, the cast is full of phenomenal actors who do what they can to redeem a lame script and style. James Corden is the voice of the AI ​​and sometimes its physical image. The actor playfully made his own profile picture. The first AI introduces itself to Carol by taking over every device in her apartment, turning on her coffee machine, appearing on her TV as a swirling green screen, talking in an ominous male voice that wasn’t Corden’s. Carol is detached, so the AI’s voice turns into Corden’s. “Is this a carpool karaoke bar?” she asked hopefully because she’s a Corden fan. The AI ​​says his algorithm informed him that Corden’s voice would calm her down, and that happens throughout the rest of the movie. It also reassured audiences, making the threat of destruction seem rather distant. But come on, we know it. McCarthy and Falcone don’t have the power to destroy the world, right?

Brian Tyree Henry has an ungrateful portrayal of Carol’s best friend, Dennis, conveniently a tech geek at Microsoft (name-checking in this movie continues). He’s the only person she confides in about AI. When talking to Dennis, the AI’s comforting voice becomes that of Octavia Spencer, a moment of intelligence that flies too fast. Bobby Cannavale is game in the no-nonsense role of George, Carol’s ex, whom she regrets breaking up with a few years ago. The AI, suddenly turned into a romantic woman, helps her try to mend their relationship in the short time that humanity might have left.

George is a creative writing teacher who in three days – as soon as the world might end, what a coincidence – leaves for a year-long scholarship at Trinity College in Dublin. . However, the intellectual who won this scholarship was also an average Joe. Maybe he’s just a less-than-average slicker, because when super intelligence leads to Carol running into him at a grocery store, she spots him sniffing trash bags. George makes less and less sense as the series goes on, acting like a giddy fanboy when he meets his baseball idol (Ken Griffey Jr. in a pointless cameo) at a Mariners game.

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Sam Richardson (very funny, often abused) and Falcone have small roles as surprise NSA agents who appear after Dennis warns the government about AI plots. They kidnap and hold Carol for a short time, because what’s a romantic comedy without someone throwing a black hood over the heroine’s head and throwing her into a truck. Falcone and Richardson deliver some of the most vivid moments, simply because their unfavorable delivery puts spin on tired material.

One stock chain follows another. Carol got a makeover, with McCarthy posing in revealing outfits until she found a nice jumpsuit. There is a rumor about her self-driving Tesla car, she seems to have a mind of her own because of the transcendent intelligence that is controlling it. The AI, like the Cyrano in Carol’s ear, guides her romance. It pre-ordered dinner at the small Mexican restaurant, where she and George found themselves in the midst of a festival of singing and dancing. There are wasted scenes in a situational room where Jean Smart as the US president looks nervous while the government tries to stop the AI. The scenes move fast enough and aren’t badly done, just too familiar.

Visually, the film is generic and as messy as the plot, with some nice but conventional aerial views of Seattle. A large, lush apartment that the AI ​​set up for Carol in just one day adds a bunch of real estate porn.

Of course, McCarthy’s funniest movies were directed by Paul Feig: Bridesmaids, heat and Spy. And in Marielle Heller’s Can You Forgive Me? she has proven that she can act with a gentle beauty. In contrast, her collaboration with Falcone was timid. They weren’t blockbusters, but good enough that the pair kept churning them out every few years in a steady, nondescript way.

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Production company: New Line Cinema
Distributor: HBO Max
Actors: Melissa McCarthy, Bobby Cannavale, Brian Tyree Henry, James Corden, Jean Smart
Directed by: Ben Falcone
Screenwriter: Steve Mallory
Producers: Melissa McCarthy, Ben Falcone, Rob Cowan
Cinematography: Barry Peterson
Production Design: Jefferson Sage
Editor: Tia Nolan
Music: Fil Eisler
Starring: Allison Jones, Kris Redding

105 minutes

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