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My math may not be exact, but my guess is that 95% of the new E’s appeal! dramatic Arrangement comes from the inference that the series, about the romance in a business deal between Hollywood’s biggest star and a relatively unknown star, has grounds to speculate about a real-life marriage between a blockbuster icon and his WB-friendly mate.

For reasons both legal and, possibly, legal, the creative team behind Arrangement tried to emphasize that this story, set in the background of an empowered cult that secretly controls many Tinseltown’s top names, absolutely nothing to do with tabloid-friendly articles – walk away Arrangement can only hint in the general direction of what is undoubtedly its most intriguing hook.

Key point

Garbage, but not enough garbage.

If they don’t want to play, they don’t want to play. Bob is your uncle, Arrangement.

In fact, after three episodes, it’s Arrangement both are and are not explicitly based on Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. The premise is entirely lifted from the fragrance surrounding that relationship, our sense of its competition and compromise, and the looming silhouette of Scientology behind it all. But on a practical and practical level, of course it’s not about that particular couple in the literal sense. If it did, it would certainly be sexier and perhaps more interesting.

Premiering on Sunday (March 5), the first two episodes of Arrangement makes enough ironic conjecture from the premise and possibility that the show is actually about something the producers say it won’t be able to watch. The third episode talks about contract negotiations, a continuing scandal, and a resolution lifted straight from an episode of Fox. Football pitchesquickly cut off my already thin attraction to the show.

Arrangement from creator Jonathan Abrahams (Crazy Men) and the stars Christine Evangelista as Megan Morrison, an aspiring actress who lives the quintessence of Hollywood life: waitressing, plunging into auditions, partying with friends, and dating an aspiring musician. Megan’s successful reading for a mysterious project attracts the attention of superstar Kyle West (Josh Henderson). Still hushed up after a tumultuous breakup, Kyle is looking for a new lead woman for a potential summer blockbuster series, but he’s also looking for a new lead woman in the film. life and he’s attracted to Megan. Kyle’s best friend, mentor and svengali Terrence Anderson (Michael Vartan), the leader of the Institute for Advanced Minds, was worried that Megan might have ulterior motives or might offend her earner, so paperwork was instituted and Megan was given a word of advice. offer that many sane people can refuse.

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The role of E! tombstones of real news. Arrangement carefully designed to be branded for both views of the network.

The opening episodes offer the fantasy of Megan’s magic shot at the star and the chance that an actor with six pack abs and killer smile can take you out of the haze for a movie and left. his heart. There are parties and accessories for designer gowns and expensive jewelry. There are film festivals and romantic getaways. But behind that murderous smile lurks a shadow, and as we’ve learned from a completely unrelated relationship. ArrangementEven the excitement of jumping up and down the couch in love can be intimidating if viewed with distrustful eyes.

Kyle is, let’s keep emphasizing this, not Tom Cruise, but Henderson who is in a comparable way handsome, possessing a handsomeness that is easy to distrust. When TV shows cast movie stars, they tend to turn those matinee idols into the hottest covers, and Henderson is the more logical star of most. He’s really charismatic and, as viewers of TNT’s Dallas do it again know, he has an evil streak of bad boy that he plays well. I’m not sure about that Arrangement mirroring Hollywood 2017, in which movie stars may not be as important as they once were and aren’t always the handsome 35-year-old, but Henderson may have had a big movie career in 1980sas a contemporary of a certain Tom Cruise.

And Evangelista also reliable. One of the biggest challenges of a show like this comes when an aspiring actress auditions for the part and you have to believe she shows enough star power to turn heads and you don’t – the upcoming Freeform series. Come by Bella Thorne Famous in love having a nearly identical premise is less convincingly distributed – but By Evangelista supposedly the reveal audition went well. Like Henderson, I don’t know if she looks like a movie star, but she looks like enough TV stars – Nina DobrevPeyton List and Italia Ricci are both facial recognition comparable – that’s not believable when the paparazzi actively grabbed a photo of Megan. Evangelista is as unconscious as E! pushes its network boundaries about obscured nudity, and when she has to treat Megan like a normal girl “Wow” in her head, it doesn’t seem so absurd either. She can’t really live next to you, but she’s just a girl next door, a bit like a certain Katie Holmes.

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The two stars have some chemistry and there’s a bad feeling between the characters that’s a bit deeper than “Beauty likes to have sex with pretty people.”

By Vartan Good looks and intensity of fatigue certainly did not make the president of Scientology miss David David Miscavigeunless you are familiar with Miscavige, in which case they absolutely do. If By Vartan performance is not as manipulative as one might hope, he is hindered by ArrangementSeeing the Institute of the Higher Mind as a self-sustaining collective spitting out a spell instead of anything nearly as threatening as documentaries and A&E shows have suggested Science. To put it less kindly, Vartan it’s boring because the road Arrangement The Institute’s handling is pretty boring and while I fully expect things to get more complicated in the next episodes, that’s not the trend. If you’re engaging your audience with sensationalism, you really can’t give up and Arrangement get up too early.

The best ancillary performances are those that give a slight advantage to Arrangement. As Megan’s pregnant agent, Autumn Reeser she always does well with a nasty personality. Lexa Doi g play the business-minded wife of By Vartan and she’s always been more interesting than her on-screen mate. In contrast, Megan has a pair of close friends who show up often, but couldn’t be more sad.

While I’m not the biggest fan of celebrity gossip, I can’t help but be curious about the Cruise-Holmes alliance, or at least one very similar to it, but completely different. not so. For a few episodes, curiosity was piqued by Arrangement, goes beyond what I would have expected in terms of its adorable stars, and “I watch E! News every day ‘aware of the entertainment industry. Kyle’s movie poster suggests almost The Player-esque satirical version of Arrangement which I would probably prefer, but I also don’t hate the fervent love story version. If ArrangerIt won’t be bound by telling the audience the truth about a couple that has really captivated us, it will have to be different and more thrilling than it actually is. I don’t know if I want to Arrangement to be more real or honest or funny, but it needs to be something more.

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Network: E!

Actor: Christine EvangelistaJosh Henderson, Michael Vartan, Lexa Doi gFall Reeser

Creator: Jonathan Abrahams

Airs Sunday at 10 p.m. ET/PT on E!.

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