The Cast of ‘Anastasia,’ Then and Now

No, Anastasia is not a Disney princess.

Despite the status of cartoon characters that have now become the norm among fans of Disney princess movies’90’s, Anastasia hit theaters as part of Fox’s animation studio launch event on November 21, 1997. The story is based on the historical mystery surrounding the disappearance of the Grand Duke Anastasia. Nikolaevna after a fateful night in 1916. Fox had previously adapted the story into a live-action film starring Ingrid Bergman and Yul Brynner in 1956.

Anastasia went on to earn $139 million, receive two Academy Award nominations, and even inspire a theatrical adaptation of the musical, which premiered on Broadway in April 2017.

To celebrate the legacy of Day 20 film release anniversary, The Hollywood Reporter fast travel “journey to the past” to follow the career of voice actors brought Anastasia to live once in a november.

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Cast of 'Anastasia,' Then and

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