The Edge of War’ Review

You can feel the inner struggle in this 2018 adaptation of Robert Harris’ best-selling historical novel. Munichabout British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s efforts to negotiate peace with Adolf Hitler before the German leader invaded the Sudetenland.

One side, Munich – Events Edge of War is a simple historical drama that specifically tries to present a revisionist portrait of Chamberlain as trying desperately to prevent another catastrophic world war rather than a traitor. weak politically. The story, on the other hand, introduces fictional characters and elements that give it the air of a hanging machine, exactly the kind for which Harris is so famous. The two elements don’t quite come together, resulting in a movie that is completely clueless as to whether it wants to educate the audience or give it a suspenseful ride. It turns out to be more interesting for the former than for the latter, but it still delivers plenty of compelling moments along the way.

Munich – Competition

Key point

Fascinating history, horror movies too.

Release date: Friday, January 21

Cast: George MacKay, Jeremey Irons, Jannis Niewohner, Robert Brathurst, Jessica Brown Findley, August Diehl, Sandra Huller, Alex Jennings, Ulrich Matthes, Liv Lisa Fries

Manager: Christian Schwochow

Writer: Ben Power

Rated PG-13, 2 hours 10 minutes

The story begins with a prologue set in 1932 at Oxford University, where we’re introduced to our carefree close friends Hugh (George MacKay), fervent German pro-Nazi Paul (Jannis Niewohner) ) and Paul’s girlfriend Lena (Liv Lisa Fries).

It was only six years later, when Hitler’s plan to annex the Czech region became clear. Hugh is now Chamberlain’s (Jeremy Irons) personal secretary and is involved in a troubled marriage to Pamela (Jessica Brown Findlay), while Paul is a diplomat who has turned staunchly anti-Hitler considered a power-hungry maniac. Paul participates in a secret plot to capture the Fuhrer after believing that German generals, who oppose the war, will be involved. Epic plan to conquer Europe.

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Cue the familiar espionage thriller, with Paul enlisting Hugh to try to stop Chamberlain from allowing Hitler to carry out his plan, even as he is being watched by an increasingly suspicious old friend ( August Diehl, who had his own troubles with the Nazis in Terrence Malick’s One Hidden life) is currently one of Hitler’s bodyguards.

Hitler plays a more prominent role in the screening than he does in the books, as Chamberlain tries to solve the problem at the fateful meeting in Munich in which Chamberlain, starring Mussolini and French Prime Minister Daladier, agreed to let him go his way. . The scene was filmed in the actual building where the conference was held (now an art university), providing vivid historical realism. Ulrich Matthes, who previously played Joseph Goebbels in 2004 Collapsehere graduates play der Fuhrer, delivering a compelling performance that conveys Hitler’s ferocity without resorting to the history of so many other cinematic roles.

Ben Power’s script proved unfocused, spending too much time on the relatively uninteresting personal lives of the younger protagonists and not enough on the complex geopolitical intrigues that drive the region’s happenings. out to war. While some historians may quibble about Chamberlain’s description, there’s no doubt that he’s the film’s most compelling character. Especially played brilliantly by Irons, who invests his sympathetic role with a world-weary dignity. Acknowledging the potentially disastrous consequences of his approach to dealing with Hitler, Chamberlain resignedly reminded his colleagues, “You have to play the game with the hands you get dealt.” The film’s strongest scene stems not from the deadly danger Hugh and Paul pose to themselves when trying to get a secret document outlining Hitler’s plans to Chamberlain, but rather a tense encounter that night. late at night, in which he completely dismisses their concerns. And we all know how that turned out.

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