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Fox News, now 25 years old, has never had more competition. Of course, there are longtime cable TV rivals, CNN and MSNBC, but there are also newer rivals from the right in the form of Newsmax and others.

Despite that competition, Fox News still holds its ground against the conservative news ecosystem. Sean Hannity, who has been with the channel since the beginning, thinks he knows why.

“I would argue with a lot of these other channels, if they even exist I because I really don’t want to pay much attention to them, do they think they are balanced, they think they are journalists and they “no,” he said. “When you watch these self-proclaimed journalists, you know they’re not journalists, they’re talk show hosts like me, but I’m being honest about it and I think honesty really goes. a long way with the audience. “

Hannity makes no secret of her opinions or views. “I obviously have an opinion but I’m honest about it, I’m a registered conservative and my audience knows I’m a conservative. I don’t hide my conservatism, I don’t hide the politicians I like.”

Hannity, who also hosts a daily radio show, argues that being forthright about his views is why he’s the only one who’s remained constant on Fox News’ official lineup since his debut, first as a co-host Hannity & Colmesand then led his solo show.

“In many ways, I think the mission remains the same,” he said. “I mean I know Fox critics will disagree with this statement but believe me when I say that there are a lot of people at Fox who disagree with Sean Hannity.”

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His 9pm show averaged 2.9 million viewers in the third quarter, ranking him third in all cable news, just behind his Fox News frontrunner, Tucker Carlson and 5 p.m. Fox board show Five. Mr. Rachel Maddow’s 9 p.m. contest on MSNBC drew an average of 2.2 million viewers, while CNN’s Chris Cuomo averaged 928,000 viewers, according to Nielsen.

Meanwhile, Fox News as a whole is relying on streaming, heavily advertising its Fox Nation streaming service, a service that includes replays of Hannity’s shows the next day, ensuring that he is playing a role in going digital (even if he’s not hosting exclusive digital shows like Tucker Carlson is doing).

Hannity has signed a new multi-year deal with Fox in 2020, which, combined with new deals for 10 p.m. hosts Laura Ingraham and Carlson, will ensure that the channel’s primetime lineup stays consistent. stable, at least in the medium term.

Four years ago, just two weeks after Donald Trump’s inauguration, Hannity told this reporter that “the media doesn’t understand Donald Trump.” He argues that their “eliteism” forced them to leave the forest for trees. When asked if he would stand by those comments after a full four-year term, the Fox host was indecisive.

“Surname [the media] still not [understand him],” he said. “Did he break a lot of dishes in the kitchen as he cooked? That’s right. Do I think people were as offended as they acted? I really don’t.”

Of course, Hannity makes no secret of his support for the former president (it has been the subject of criticism on some level of his coverage), or his disdain for the way he thought Trump was covered during his term. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter he argued that Trump would win “over 40 states easily” without COVID-19, and he praised the “transformative” development of a vaccine. In other words, he thinks Trump has been badly hit by the virus, while President Biden has been lenient with the media.

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“I said Joe Biden was on a candidate protection program,” he said. “The media allowed him to hide in his basement and basically say nothing and disappear for a whole week because he was going to get ready for that big event, maybe a debate, maybe a speech at the DNC, and they gave him little or no scrutiny. “

Despite media criticism, Hannity’s news diet is said to be old-school (he ripped the pages of newspapers when he first picked up the phone and he said he didn’t use it). computer or don’t have an email account). In fact, his entire routine is structured to tee off.

“I was a lunatic all week, I was a complete recluse failure,” he said. “I wake up in the morning and work out for an hour and a half every day. I did mixed martial arts, then I was accompanied by my radio producer with a ton of content to go through. I’m going to go through that whole package, you know, organizing everything by theme. I read the newspaper diligently. All of them. I receive New York Daily Newsthe New York Postthe The Wall Street Journal. The New York Times I wouldn’t normally touch, it’s just a waste of my time, too heavy. “

It’s a habit and routine that Hannity says he has no intention of stopping anytime soon. “I thought if I stopped, maybe I’d drive around talking to myself and my own monologue, and I’d give myself feedback and then you might have to take me away, and take me into a house next to Joe Biden,” he said.

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