‘The Morning Show’ Season 2 Review

AppleTV+’s Morning Not exactly a terrible program. It’s a show with one of the best groups on TV, but at any point it seems to be wasting half of that cast. It’s a show with its mind on the state of the media, but with no real ability to focus on any particular topic or idea. It’s an engaging, well-produced, and complete show that, on the plus side, is never quite boring, but I don’t remember the last series having such potential to reliably shoot itself in the foot with how to misjudge characters, mix up the right ideas, and approach the story from the most cumbersome angles.

Morning not terrible, but it does terrible things. The second season, across eight episodes – all 10 of which were addressed to critics, but I’ve run out of time or interest – doesn’t improve from the already inconsistent first season.


Key point

Not a bad program, but easy to lead to bad choices.

The best way to point to the show’s weird storytelling choices is to start at the beginning, which is something the season just couldn’t figure out how to do. We know shortly after Alex (Jennifer Aniston) and Bradley (Reese Witherspoon) take over UBA’s airwaves to erase the network’s history of sexual misconduct and abuse of power following the death of Hanna (Gugu Mbatha) -Raw). The story then shifts to a drone shot that circles around New York City that was evacuated by the pandemic in the spring of 2020 before returning just before New Year’s Eve 2020, which is 8 months. after the first scene.

Everything happened between the first scene and New Year’s Eve, but that information can only be explained to us through unspecified disclosure. So Billy Crudup’s version of Cory was fired and then promoted. Alex leaves and writes a memoir because she’s now a feminist icon – the world at large hasn’t seen the first season – leaving Bradley co-hosting with Eric (Hasan Minhaj), who in just eight months seems to seems to have earned the impression that he is being given the nightly news position. And now Cory wants Alex back, because he thinks this will make his ratings Morning (UBA one, not AppleTV+ one), which means he’s somehow given the nightly news slot to someone whose greatest credit is hosting a morning show with struggling ratings. This doesn’t make any sense, but try not to overthink it.

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Alex didn’t want to go back at all. Aside from Cory, no one exactly wants her back, because the absolute best explanation for what she did last season is to spend three weeks trying to stab multiple people in the back before giving credit to her. a feminist crusade against a network whose culture is toxic she’s best at. ignored. But she’ll be back, honey!

The feeling in the performance when Alex let everyone down and didn’t hear their voices was rich because of it Morning (Apple TV+ one, not UBA) is better at removing voices than anything else. If those voices belong almost exclusively to the show’s colorful characters, it’s either an attempt to capture real industry failures or poor focus. But it wasn’t before, because Morning really, really wanted us to feel the emotional impact of Hannah’s death, even though most of the season that passed with the show had completely forgotten that Hannah was supposed to be a character.

The Apple TV+ show forgot about Desean Terry’s Daniel, and then the character blamed the UBA producers for ignoring him because he was black and gay. The show is rarely interested in turning Nestor Carbonell’s Yanko into a living and breathing human being, and this season has completely written down Bel Powley’s Claire, leaving Yanko with no emotion at all. Karen Pittman’s Mia frequently feels resentful that no one is giving her the respect she deserves, but the film doesn’t care about giving her any character other than that no one sees her. He’s like a completely round person. Janina Gavankar’s Alison sometimes shows up and says something sarcastic, it’s not a character or a job title.

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With some characters dying or being eliminated last season, there’s room for Daniel and Yanko, Mia and Alison to get more screen time this season, but if they do, the gain is very limited making it a no-brainer relate to. We definitely have more time with Cory, and I don’t mind that. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Billy Crudup is on a weirder, funnier and better show than anyone else, and I love his nervous grin and cynical smug laugh. and his moderate rhythm in his lines of readings. To me, Cory is like Ted Lasso if Ted Lasso aspires to be a corporate celebrity instead of an inspirational coach. His brittle, alluring look will fall apart at some point, and Crudup is so awesome that I can’t wait to see what the damaged man underneath his slicked back hair and dimples is like. how. However, this is definitely not Cory’s story, and it could work in his absence.

There’s still time for Mitch! Yes, the character Steve Carell, who was definitely not modeled after Matt Lauer and should have been written after the first episode, continues to capture the narrative space, and he does so it’s ridiculous. I don’t know who thinks the correct approach to Mitch this season is to have him clean up on his lost dignity and purpose and professional life… from a Lake Como mansion (or a curtain backdrop) green image of Lake Como). And let’s be completely clear: If you feel a lot of sympathy for Mitch and eagerly await his ability to humanize his off-screen behavior, chances are you’re just more into Mitch and this show. I. And you’d think it was great that this season cast Mitch in a weird romantic comedy with Valeria Golino and a big, lazy dog. Every time I see Lake Como’s successful shot, I want to shoot fast forward. The seventh episode, which takes place entirely in “Lake Como,” is probably my breaking point with the season.

I would like to add that the new season has very strong new roles for Holland Taylor and Julianna Margulies. Taylor who should have received more praise from Emmy sooner Chairis a perfect archive of contempt as some of the network’s board members, while the Margulies showcased her trademark intensity when a journalist was sent to interview Alex and Bradley , but with a hint of lightness and humor that people might forget the Margulies can handle.

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There are so many people on this show, and not exactly sure what the point of the series is, there’s no way for the writer to know who to focus on. But I just know it shouldn’t be a man. You have Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston. At least give me a show about them, instead of Mark Duplass’s Mop Chip.

Somehow, I’ve been complaining about this a lot without going to Editorial office of all. Deciding on a timeframe to place the season at the height of the pandemic and the presidential election could provide an opportunity for somber reflections on a difficult year. Instead, it’s a vehicle for particularly smug dramatic irony: The characters mock the phrase “social distancing” and don’t take COVID seriously enough to want to cover it up. Daniel is an exception, but just because he insists on covering up the coronavirus doesn’t mean the show knows what to do with him and his foreknowledge.

I take on the first part of Morning it’s basically a show that has great moving pieces and a limited sense of what to do with them. So if you like that, get ready for more of the same.

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