The Ultimatum Creator Talks Madlyn’s Shocking Pregnancy, Season 2

[This story contains spoilers for the first season of Netflix’s The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On.]

The team behind Netflix Love is blind there is another success in the hands of the streamer with Ultimatumeven if the producers themselves were taken aback by the twists and turns of the first season.

Chris Coelen, founder of Kinetic Content, whose company is also responsible for unspecified projects like Married at first sight and Little woman franchise, is the creator Ultimatum, which premiered on Netflix earlier this month. The first season revolves around six longtime couples who are at the point of breaking up and have agreed to spend three weeks “trial marriage” with someone from another couple before reuniting with their original partner. to decide the future of the relationship.

“I liked the show because it was so easy to understand,” Coelen said. The Hollywood Reporter. “The people in the show and the experience gave it their all – they gave it all they had, and I admire them for that.”

There are plenty of exciting moments for viewers along the way, including Rae Williams and Jake Cunningham leaving their original partners to figure things out before announcing at the reunion that they were no longer together. . Plus, two couples – Hunter Parr and Alexis Maloney, and Nate Ruggles and Lauren Pounds – got engaged just before the trial marriage began, providing an obvious key to the process. But there’s no greater shock than Madlyn Ballatori’s revelation during the reunion that she and her now husband Colby Kissinger are expecting their first child, which follows Ballatori who has appeared so much with the relationship in the past. the beginning of the program.

In his conversation with CHEAPCoelen weighs in on the “big surprise” of her pregnancy, couples choosing to leave the show early, the debate over the contestants’ ages and why the show’s second season is coming, with featuring an all-LGTBQ cast, will be “very different” from the first.

What was the biggest surprise for you from season one?

First of all, during the production, there were a lot of surprising things about people’s relationship status and how they approached them. Ultimatum to and the people people attract for a test experience. The choice, in episodes two and three, is truly surprising about not only Hunter and Alexis, but also Nate and Lauren, and the aftermath goes from there. It was an insanely crazy night to be a part of it. Things work out in unpredictable ways, and you follow that, and that’s exciting. We certainly don’t know who will end up with whom. We had feelings, and our feelings were constantly being subverted.

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The fact that Madlyn and Colby ended up the way they did was a big surprise. There were moments throughout I said, “Oh, my God, there’s no way these two would end up together,” and then watched them not only end up together, but also see her. Getting pregnant at a reunion, it’s unbelievable. surprise. For me, it’s about their real life. To see Shanique’s journey [Imari] and Randall [Griffen], and the fact that both of you restrain yourself, and then at the end of a challenging marriage, let yourself be more liked; and then watching them get back together – that’s not something I’m sure of. And then to see what happened to them after that, the fact that they broke up, and then they’re trying to make it work. All of that is really, really interesting.

As for April and Jake, Jake felt to me, coming in, as if he really had come in, and on the last dinner he had with April, he said, “Look, at the end, I want to. get on your knees and propose to you. It’s a lot to me, but I hope in the end, that’s what’s going to happen.” And that sounded like a very sincere wish on his part. And obviously, he found out that maybe he was saying it for reasons that weren’t in line with how he really felt.

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Finally: Marry or Continue
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So Madlyn and Colby weren’t expecting on the show?

To my knowledge, they are not pregnant on the show. There was some misunderstanding – Jake made some comments and messed up his timeframe. I understand they got married, and they went and got pregnant.

What was your initial reaction to Madlyn’s pregnancy?

Like everyone, I was surprised. It was shocking to meet Madlyn, not see Madlyn in a while, and then she was actually pregnant. It was a big surprise. But, good for them. I am very happy for them. They are nervous. They are in love. They’re happy for the choices they’ve made, and that makes me happy for them.

As a producer, when you see Alexis and Lauren get their marriage proposal before the test even starts, isn’t that a bit silly?

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It’s funny because I was there, and on one hand, I said, “Oh my God, what’s going on with our show? They must stay here! “You have a moment, “Oh, my God, this can’t happen because this is not what was in the plan.” But the real plan only exists in terms of, “The experience for them is this. what?” And so, as a producer, you step back, and you let something happen, and if it’s something that goes against your hopes or expectations, it always will. It’s more exciting than you initially anticipated. And I think it’s fascinating. It’s incredibly emotional for so many different reasons for them and for the other participants. But it’s a great story.

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Finally: Marry or Continue
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By the time we get to the reunion, it seems like the show’s premise in favor of original couples is strongest, between Madlyn seemingly overriding her major concerns about Colby, and even Rae and Zay connected after the show. Does this process make people more inclined to favor what is more familiar?

They all really love each other. People talk about commitment phobia for a reason, but ultimately, the reason anyone doesn’t choose to commit is that they’re not sure the person they’re with is the one for them forever. And so I think when you get into that, and you’ve got all that history, and you’ve got all that love, and you’ve got all that background, the new relationship just doesn’t have the same history. .

Assuming that, April 23 is April 23, it can be difficult to tell if everyone on the show is actually ready for marriage. What determines the age of the participants?

Different people are ready to get married at different times in their lives. I didn’t get married until I was over 30. When I’m at the age of this particular group of participants, I won’t participate in the experience because I’m not ready to legally or talk about getting married. But different people are different, and different parts of the country are also different, and different cultures are also different. Age is just a number, right? It’s really about – mentally and emotionally – getting married is what you’re saying about your relationship is real, what you desire to be real? That’s the most important qualifier – less about their age and more about their true intentions as a couple.

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Is it safe to assume that much of what we saw in season one will continue for season two, given the age range and overall situation?

Not completely not. You want to bring together groups of people who have something in common and really care about each other. This is a group of people who are particularly interested in this topic; Not a single person there said, “I don’t want to get married.” And then you have to think, as a group of people, you want them to be able to support each other and explore the idea of ​​the possibility of being together. If we take two 50-year-olds, and you throw them in, suddenly you’re introducing another dynamic, which is, would two 50-year-olds be interested in 25-year-olds? So if we have a bunch of actors in their 30s, it’s a really interesting, viable cast, for me it’s less about the age than having them get into something that’s going to happen. have a common interest. .

I can’t wait to see the new season with only LGBTQ couples. Now that the first one is behind you, is there anything you wish you could edit before the second?

I honestly don’t think so. We got into season two very well and it was amazing. Honestly, it’s very good – the stories are very interesting. The cast for season two is a very different set of participants from what we saw in season one. This is a huge, common question and an important milestone for those interested in getting married. Just establish the experience and stakes of that, and then just allow them to really go through this in a way that makes sense to them. It turned out to be very different, but no less amazing, like season one.

The edited interview is long and clear.

Ultimatum currently streaming on Netflix.

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