Tim Roth and Alex Essoe Join John McAfee-Inspidred ‘Stealing McCloud’

Tim Roth and Alex Essoe have joined director Logan Yuzna’s Steal McCloud theft adventure drama.

Roth will play the main character, Marc McCloud, who was inspired by John McAfee, the controversial software mogul who was found dead in a Spanish prison in 2021. Essoe will play the role. a friend of McCloud, who after the case eThe central tech giant is arrested in Europe for tax evasion, gathering a group of friends to help him escape to freedom.

Vikings Actors Alex Hogh Andersen, Darko Peric and Ryan George have also joined the Canadian indie from Samizdat Pictures and written by Timothy York, who will also produce. The cast has included Nina Kiri, Pedro Miguel Arce, Anarosa Butler, Peter Shinkoda, Yoli Fuller, Karen Hassan, Richard Sammel, George Stroumboulopoulos, Andy Yu, Françoise Yip and Anna Safroncik.

“It’s an honor to have my first live-action film starring Tim Roth, who has been my hero ever since. Phat Hit, Also filmed in Spain. The rest of the cast and production team are all excellent, and I look forward to this road-stealing film being widely distributed,” director Yuzna said in a statement.

Steal McCloud will be filmed in Barcelona in early April, with pre-sale starting at Cannes this year. A sales agent has yet to be named.

“I was inspired by the story of John McAfee and how we can get him out of jail if he unfortunately dies pending extradition. John is a hero to me, and Eric Oh, me and Logan have come up with some ideas for how we can honor his technological prowess and legacy. McCloud has become instrumental,” the York screenwriter added in his own statement.

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Pasha Patriki will produce Steal McCloud for Hangar 18 Media, while Purple Dog Post will handle post-production.

Roth is represented by the CAA. Essoe is represented by Red Management and Aperture Entertainment. Hogh Andersen is represented by Ulrich Mueller-Jorgensen.

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