Top 100 Movies of All Time

Is it wrong to claim this is the #1 movie list of all time?

After all, there are other movie listings. Lots and lots of other people. So many lists, you can’t list them all. But this is the first time asking the entertainment industry itself to choose for themselves the best photos ever taken. In the May, CHEAP sent an online ballot across town – to every studio, agency, advertising agency and producer on either side of the 405. Not everyone was excited to participate at first.

“I reject the idea,” Break creator Vince Gilligan told CHEAP. “For me, it’s the equivalent of having a party-sized bag of Nacho Doritos, then being told to eat only five.” In the end, however, he submitted his favorites (one of which was from 1961 Yojimbo), as well as a total of 2,120 industry members, including Fox director Jim Gianopulos, Disney’s Alan Horn, director Gary Ross, producer Frank Marshall, Warners’ Sue Kroll, special agent Robert Newman, attorney John Burke , filmmaker John Singleton and many others. Here’s the result: the greatest movies ever made, according to Hollywood.

There are some surprises here. It’s a much more commercial listing than the reviewers’ usual picks. For example, who knows? Back to the future will receive more love Lawrence of Arabia? There are also shocking omissions – 400 Blows, La Dolce Vita, Gold fever and dozens of other undeniably great movies. And there are interesting differences of opinion along the professional divisions: The director, screenwriter, and agent all agree on their picks for the best movie ever (hint: It’s it). in tune with “Schmodfather”), while the cinematographers chose 2001: A Space Odyssey and the entertainment attorneys, the great attorneys, chose The Shawshank Redemption.

Whether you agree with their selection or not, there’s a lot to enjoy on these sites, from reunion photos to famous props’ abode to CHEAP Todd McCarthy’s review of Hollywood’s top picks. But remember, movie lists are not forever. As Michael Bay pointed out, “Your favorite movies can change from day to day.”

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