Trevor Noah Talks Making ‘The Daily Show’ With No Audience

Trevor Noah appeared as Stephen Colbert’s guest for Friday’s episode of The Late Showwhere he talks about work Daily program no audience.

Their discussion related to last month’s announcement that the Noah’s Comedy Center show would move from its Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood location in Manhattan to ViacomCBS’s Times Square corporate headquarters, where the show will ” retains the closeness and creative elements that drove the Emmy nomination’s success hit during the pandemic. “

Colbert raised this topic at the beginning of the interview, curious to know what filming was like for Noah. “I have to get used to people laughing again,” he said, joking that when someone giggles at a joke he tells these days, he looks around to see who is there. . On a sobering note, Noah said of the coronavirus pandemic: “We’re going through the craziest time of mankind,” and stressed that he’s going to try things differently now because he doesn’t. know “whether tomorrow will come.”

Colbert said that during the height of the pandemic, when the majority of interviews were conducted virtually via Zoom, he had very “natural” conversations with guests as the lack of an audience changed. how the show goes – right from the order in which the stories are presented – and how it will be edited.

“There were parts when doing that, we felt like a gang of bandits in the wild west,” says Noah of his new establishment at Daily program. He compares it to being at home alone, where there’s no pressure to do anything, even get dressed. When he has guests coming in, he has to think about their experience in his home and arrange dates for them. Colbert joked that the second scenario involved wearing pants.

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Daily program The host also shared that he had just been on vacation for three months. What did he do during that time? “I lived, Stephen. “Noah says he appreciates the simplest things. “I know not everyone can afford it and not everyone has the opportunity, but do you remember how precious a walk is when we’re not outside, just outside? It’s twenty minutes where you can go out; it becomes special. “

He also takes time, during his vacation months, to visit other countries and reflect on how “not all news is Democrat or Republican. There are things happening in the world that affect people regardless of whether it’s blue or red.” Concluding, he emphasized the most important point: “Let’s live”.

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