‘Two Weeks to Live’ Review

No problem disappointing Game of Thrones is over, some people will never get enough of a vengeful Maisie Williams crossing items off her list. Those viewers may be the only ones satisfied with the new HBO Max comedy-horror Two weeks to live, in which Williams plays Kim, a 21-year-old reclusive girl who has been told her whole life by her surviving mother, Tina (Sian Clifford) that the world is on the verge of collapse. Light-hearted and stubborn, the six-episode series is a diversion enough showcase for its two female leads. But it also feels clumsy and ungainly, somehow overwritten and overwhelming at the same time.

Set in northern England, the show’s revenge plot begins when Kim is informed by a stranger she befriended at a bar that the apocalypse will come in two weeks. (In a rare joke that works, acquaintances use a website called Fake Your Own News whose logo is an abstract illustration of Trump.) As actual Kim flies out the door, prankster Jay ( Taheen Modak) tells his younger brother Nicky (Mawaan Rizwan) that he doesn’t think Kim will truly believe that humanity will cease to exist in a week or two. They follow Kim’s Mad MaxInspiring truck arrives at the mansion of a crime boss (Sean Pertwee) and discovers that, given her life for half a month, her first priority is to avenge her father’s murder.

Key point

Gentle and stubborn.

Kim is no different from Arya Stark, before the face-swapping magic – a born bad guy who doesn’t realize he’s still searching for the moral code. There are plenty of guns in kingpin’s lair, but Williams and Pertwee engage in a visceral fight scene whose choreography intelligently considers the size difference between the actors. Kim never managed to feel like a real human being, but the havoc she and her mother caused – Kim, physically; Psychologically, Tina – is a trusted confidant in the range.

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It wasn’t long before Tina chased after Kim, who had run away from home in pursuit of experiences her overprotective mother couldn’t – or wouldn’t – provide. And to the show’s cues, their reunion is fun, with Kim knowing just enough of the world to feel embarrassed in front of her new friends by her mother’s DGAF rants about what I am fragile of men and social rules must be followed. Created by Gaby Hull (We go hunting together), the series builds slowly towards a mother-daughter confrontation over the years-long lies that Tina sold to keep Kim in isolation. In the end, however, revealing Tina’s motives is hasty and not entirely convincing, while Kim’s sense of betrayal lacks texture and depth.

The extra fare is even worse. Tina’s reluctance to let Kim be her own finds a parallel storyline in Jay’s desire to spur Nicky to start a landscaping business together, despite their college education and common knowledge. of the younger brother. Jay is even more realistic when they have the opportunity to be at the crime boss’s home to steal a few hundred thousand pounds – a decision that adds to the uncomplicated assassination Kim had hoped for. A pair of assassins (Michael Begley and Thalissa Teixeira) take on their own mission to clean up the mess – all would be well if the supporting characters weren’t too generic and the homogenous performance lacked charm.

In the early morning of the pilot, Kim walks in that fateful pub in high heels, her feet shaking like a fawn. “This is definitely a shoe, isn’t it?” she asked Nicky, not fully accepting that humans really have to walk in heels. She tore off the narrow heel of a shoe by stuffing it into the beer she was drinking, then tore her hands. It’s a little bit funny – and exactly the kind of character development humor that sadly disappears when the memorization backstories and plot-related backstory demand our attention. The shift in focus is decreasing. Murder may seem pretty hard, but finding out as a teenager can be a little trickier.

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Actors: Maisie Williams, Sian Clifford, Mawaan Rizwan, Taheen Modak, Jason Flemyng, Michael Begley, Thalissa Teixeira

Creator: Gaby Hull

Airs every Thursday on HBO Max.

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