Why It “Gutted” Its Stars

[The following interview contains spoilers for Halloween Kills.]

After the Strode family seemingly beat Michael Myers at the end Halloween (2018), most people expect Myers to get revenge in Halloween Kills, especially since it’s the middle chapter of David Gordon Green’s tentative trilogy. But Green still makes the audience and his characters think that Michael will end up staying well after Judy Greer’s Karen and the townspeople of Haddonfield attack him. Alas, Michael still manages to get up and go to his childhood home, where he killed Karen in the same place as his sister, Judith, in 1963. While Greer is frustrated as he says goodbye, She understands the decision.

“Well, I was confused when I saw the ending. Still, I think it’s a good idea,” Greer said The Hollywood Reporter. “I think it’s really beautifully written, and it’s like a dance, like an opera. But it’s also a bit clumsy, largely because I like to play with my friends.”

Andi Matichak, who plays Allyson, Karen’s daughter, added: “I was gutted in so many ways. … You feel like you come out unscathed, you feel like you’re winning, and then you’re crushed in so many ways. It’s a really beautiful ending in many ways, and I agree with Judy. It was a bad move, unfortunately, but they really made it poetic and quite powerful. “

In a recent conversation with CHEAPGreer and Matichak also discussed wearing the same outfits from Halloween (2018) for the whole Halloween Killsas well as the home environment on Green’s set.

So when you put on your Christmas sweater and Clyde Barrow costume at a certain point in the Halloween (2018), did the two of you have any idea at the time that they would also be your wardrobe for the entire second movie?

Andi Matichak: No, actually.

Judy Greer: Who does that? I’ll give you an exclusive scoop! We didn’t mention how poor Dylan Arnold was to dress for full movie.

Maticak: The whole movie! He is such a soldier. He liked it very much. Combat boots, skirts. Thankfully, he lost his heel because that would have been brutal. I miss in one of the accessories for Halloween (2018), they had a heel option for me, and I said, “Not a chance!” (Laugh.)

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Bigger: That’s probably the only sexist thing about this movie. I feel like if it was one of us, we would have to wear heels for the whole second game as well.

Matichak & Greer: (Laughter.)

Maticak: Maybe. He also has a cool sweater. (Laugh.)

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From left to right) Karen (Judy Greer), Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Allyson (Andi Matichak) in Halloween KillsDirected by David Gordon Green.
Ryan Green / Universal Pictures

The two take on challenging roles in this as your characters have to reconcile the fact that Laurie’s (Jamie Lee Curtis) forewarnings not only came true, but cost them too. by their relatives (Toby Huss’ Ray). So does it feel a little discouraging to step back into these burdensome circumstances?

Maticak: It was refreshing to just jump in right away and continue exactly where we left off. There are no gaps, so we know exactly what’s going on. What’s really great is that David has allowed quieter moments and moments with Karen and Allyson to mourn Toby, or Ray, and move on from there. We have to stop talking [Toby]. People will think –

Bigger: Poor Toby! He’s dead!

Matichak & Greer: (Laughter.)

Bigger: He is not! I was with him last week. He’s good. He is thriving!

Maticak: He is thriving! (Laugh.) And there are more than just our moments of silence in the movie. And because there are so many quiet moments between characters, it helps those higher moments not only be more grounded, but also more real – and people become more invested.

Karen has spent her life denying that the world is as bad as her mother, Laurie, made it, but now she’s washing away the blood on her wedding ring.

Bigger: I know. It was hard and it didn’t. It’s important to capture those silent moments, and it’s important that we present them to the characters, the storytelling, and the audience. But it’s like, “How is this going to work with all the crazy rage going on around us, and what’s going to be appropriate when they come into the editing room?” But in the end it’s really pretty, I think. You could tell David Gordon Green was someone who really loved the actors because he gave his cast well, even when he brutally killed them. But it’s nice that it started right where it left off because that helped make it a little easier.

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Andi Matichak in Halloween Kills
Ryan Green / Universal Pictures

I have to commend Andi Matichak for a minute. There’s this incredible moment when Allyson is sitting in the back seat of a car, and you seamlessly turn her laughter into her cries. What is the characteristic of that moment?

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Maticak: Well, thank you, first of all. It’s incredibly good. I think it’s a testament to David Gordon Green, as a director, who allows the actors to really breathe and let the moment be quiet and settle into it either way. When we were filming that, it was Dylan Arnold (Cameron), Robert Longstreet (Lonnie), me and David in this car, and we basically just drove around this neighborhood for 45 minutes, re-enacting that scene. . We let the weight of everything settle, and David was never in a hurry. And that’s a very beautiful thing. For a film that is so technical, action-packed and takes a long time to shoot, he still puts a lot of care and attention into those quiet moments to make sure they really work and ground. But specifically that moment, I don’t remember exactly how it happened or how. I just remember that the whole experience of shooting this scene was quite unique.

[The remaining questions contain spoilers for Halloween Kills.]

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Judy Greer in Halloween Kills
Ryan Green / Universal Pictures

The last 10 minutes of this movie are unbelievably brutal, to say the least. Can you share your first reaction reading those pages and/or watching those moments unfold?

Bigger: Well, I was so confused when I saw the ending. However, I think it’s a good idea. I think it’s really beautifully written, and it’s like a dance, like an opera, something like that. But it’s also a bit clumsy, mainly because I like to play with my friends. I learned a lot about how they shot that final fight scene with Michael Myers and the townsfolk. Hearing David talk about it was really fun, and it’s great to watch it to see how technically they did it and how they made it look so special. So I watch it now and I’m in awe of our crew.

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Maticak: I was gutted in so many ways. (Laugh.) Especially since you almost have three finals in a row. You feel like you came out unscathed, you feel like you came out victorious, and then you are crushed in many ways. It’s a really beautiful ending in many ways, and I agree with Judy. It was a step in the right direction, it sucks, but they actually made it pretty poetic and pretty powerful.

Judy, you mentioned the “good farewell” David gives his actors on screen, but is there some sort of ritual or ritual beyond the camera?

Bigger: Do they do that, Andi?

Maticak: No, don’t worry.

Matichak & Greer: (Laughter.)

Maticak: You’re saying that he makes for a sweet, emotional farewell regardless of whether or not he brutally kills you, and I think that’s just the setup he runs. He made it very much like a family, and everyone was so invested in making these movies. One of the things that I feel that he does really well is that a lot of times in horror movies you have characters that you can kill. But in our movies, you just really like it all, which isn’t often the case in the horror genre, and that’s one of the things that’s pretty special about both of them. Halloween (2018) and this movie. He makes you like them, and then he will brutally kill them. (Laugh.) That’s how the crew will feel, too. That’s a useless man. I remember when Drew Scheid, who played Oscar, crashed into the fence in Halloween (2018), it was horrible and sad because it was the last thing left to shoot. But I think it’s testament to the home environment that David puts into his films.

Halloween Kills Now showing in cinemas and available on Peacock.

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