Wordle-Like Game Show ‘Lingo’ a Go at CBS, RuPaul

Think of it like Wordle, the show game: CBS picked up a new version of the word game Lingo will air in prime time later this year.

RuPaul Charles will host and executive produce the show, in which teams of two try to guess words on a grid after being given the first letter. The game board will be familiar to anyone who has played Wordle (or seen their network of friends blanket their social media feeds). Lingo pre-existing online game (recently purchased by New York Times) for several decades, and CBS began developing its version last summer before Wordle became a phenomenon.

The first iteration of Lingo Aired in the set during the 1987-88 season – the words were picked up by an Amiga computer. GSN ran two versions of the show from 2002-07 and briefly in 2011. The CBS game will be based on the current version of the format (taken from All3Media/IDTV and Talpa TV), airing on ITV in the UK and in some other countries – although it will be “charged more”, with higher stakes and more emphasis on competition between teams.

“We give you one letter, and you guess the rest! Word game craze is sweeping the country, and Lingo Mitch Graham, senior vp replacement programming expert at CBS. “RuPaul’s flair and shrewd intelligence, coupled with the possibility that viewers can play along at home, make this a trendy show with a broad appeal that makes us happy to be on the team. your network image.”

RuPaul said: “We are all ready to be happy again, and Lingo is the answer.”

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All3Media’s Objective Media Group will produce Lingo for CBS. RuPaul Charles executive producer with Layla Smith for Objective Media Group, Jilly Pearce for Objective Media Group America and Ed de Burge for Triple Brew Media. All3Media International distributes this format.

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