Writer Reveals Origins of Movie’s Famous Line

In 1974, Carl Gottlieb as story editor on ABC’s Strange couple when he was asked by his friend, a relatively unknown director named Steven Spielberg, to note the script for his movie about a shark.

“[Spielberg] was anxious to rewrite before they started shooting – they were about two or three weeks before the main shoot,” Gottlieb tell The Hollywood Reporter. “I was sent the script with a memo,” Consider this. “

After reading Gottlieb’s On an extensive note, Spielberg asked if he was involved Jaw produced and helped remake Peter’s troubled screenplay Benchley’s best seller. Gottlieb quit his day job.

“We shared a house and spent every waking moment together for the next four months because I was rewriting or acting in the movie,” recalls the 77-year-old scribe, who also played small on-screen roles for the movie. Ben Meadows, editor of the town newspaper, in the film.

The infamous line from Jaw, “You are will Needs a Bigger Boat,” which landed at #3 on Hollywood’s Top 100 Citation Movies, appearing in those rewrites.

“It’s the overlap of a real-life problem combined with the onscreen characters’ dilemma,” Gottlieb talk about the origin of the line. The real-life problem is a barge (named by the cast and crew of the SS Garage Sale), carrying all the lights and camera gear and craft services, held steady by a support boat. too small to handle the job.

Gottlieb remember: “[Richard] Zanuck and [David] Browns are very stingy producers, so people are constantly telling them, ‘You will need a bigger boat. ‘ It’s become a catchphrase for any time anything goes wrong – if a late lunch or a blizzard shakes the camera, someone will say, ‘You’re will need a bigger boat. ‘”

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Roy Scheiderwho played Brody in the film, ad-libbed lines at various points in his performance during filming. But the reading leading up to the film’s ending is after the first suspenseful glimpse of the great white shark. Speak Gottlieb“It’s very relevant and very real and it comes at the right time, thanks to Verna Field’s editing.”

Gottlieb has heard the inscription pop up in a lot of weird places, but he says the most memorable time it was quoted back to him was in a casino: “I was playing poker and thought I had one the hand won, because I had a full house, called ‘a full boat,’ and the man across from me said, “You are will needed a bigger boat, and he landed a bigger full house. ”

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