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A few minutes in Yellow jacket, a journalist (Rekha Sharma) poses a particularly intriguing question. “So what do you think really happen out there? ‘ she asked a subject, her voice low and low. That is the mystery at the heart of the series, its initial appeal as well as the reason it continues to follow. What? really happened when a private plane carrying a high school football team crashed in the middle of nowhere? What did the girls do? really must resort to survive 19 months until rescue? How is the challenge? really shape the women they will become 25 years from now? But asking the question is only interesting in the long run if no answers are forthcoming, and in the six episodes that are out for review by critics (of the 10 episodes total for the first season, no one knows how many). many parts), Yellow jacket seems increasingly in danger of becoming as lost as its characters.

However, it has a killer start. The series unfolds about a girl running barefoot through the snow, pursued by unseen forces, before she gets caught in a trap. The setting will have to come later, but the confusing sequence creates an immediate sense of dread for the rest of the hour, bringing the two timelines together. In 1996, the Yellowjackets – including captain Jackie (Ella Purnell), assistant coach Misty (Samantha Hanratty), straight student A Shauna (Sophie Nélisse), overachiever Taissa (Jasmin Savoy Brown) and exhausted Natalie (Sophie Thatcher) ) – got on a plane board on the way to a football game we knew they would never make. In 2021, the adult survivors, played by Melanie Lynskey, Tawny Cypress, Christina Ricci and Juliette Lewis, quelled any speculation about the challenge with a level of aggression, asserting that whatever they had do – and flashbacks point to cannibalism (!! ! ) – it still haunts them.

Naturally, our attention is focused first on the episode’s more gruesome shocks, among which are numerous: graphic images of a broken bone protruding through flesh, foul mouths The geeks are ripping apart what ought to be human flesh, the panicked screams of passengers on a crashed plane. But the episode’s real promise lies in how it bases itself on those well-thought-out details. Any horror show can shock with a scene of a corpse being strung together for consumption. It takes a keen eye to sketch a whole world around those corpses and cannibals. Creators Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson give their characters specific voices (Shauna and Jackie may be best friends, but you’d never mistake Shauna’s death threat for a boy. baby for Jackie’s softer lament), while pilot director Karyn Kusama outlines an entire web of subtle, ever-changing social dynamics in the girls’ glances and half-smiles. girl.

For a while, it felt like enough. With such vivid characters accompanied by a puzzle box mystery, a suspenseful survival drama and horror tinged with the supernatural, Yellow jacket scratch Lost itch gratifying than most of the obvious copies then. Its tense theme is softened by a sense of sarcastic humor: It doesn’t have to be funny ha-ha but the driving soundtrack of a sadistic character is chosen to be Cats, but it’s exactly the kind of detail that elicits a smug grin. The strong performances – especially from Lynskey as a suburban mother who hides her broken glass rage under the guise of a gentle housewife – have us leaning towards the screen with hope to better understand these people. And with about a dozen protagonists to follow across two timelines, Yellow jacket always seems to be on the move.

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But the shimmering appeal of that first episode will fade in subsequent episodes. Around the third or fourth episode, it became clear that the mystery didn’t really move quickly – it just felt that way because its attention was broken so much. More disturbingly, it’s becoming less and less clear what the show is trying to do. However Yellow jacket at first seem to be heading towards a Lord in the air– in the style of a journey into the barbarism of the human soul (or whatever), it makes for a string of plot choices that seem to cloud the concept and rob the characters of their self-determination . Any attempt to connect past and present versions of the characters is thwarted by the gap in between, which after six episodes is still only filled with promises that some turning point in The future will explain everything. The series feels so stuck with the question of what happened that it can’t even begin to think about what it might mean.

To be sure, maybe Yellow jacket can reassemble, provide a revelation smart enough to snap the pieces into place, or themes relevant enough to make some of its more puzzling stories come back as brilliant as it once was. That moment, Yellow jacket Still too much fun to write. Its robustness sets it apart from regular survival dramas, and its performances hint at a deeper story even if we don’t know what it is yet. (Also, what would I do – Not around to find the end after investing all six hours?) But it’s a journey best taken with eyes wide open for signs of trouble, lest we follow. its characters into the middle of nowhere.

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