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When T-Mobile approached Zach Braff and Donald Faison to play next door neighbors in a music spoof on West story for the telecom giant’s Super Bowl ad pitch New 5G home internetThere weren’t many beggars involved.

“I really wish we lived next to each other and we could sit on the front porch and talk. It was the perfect concept for us,” said Braff Beallich.Com this week on why the couple said yes. “We love to sing. We love being silly. We like to fake things. They couldn’t have designed a better ad for us. “

They also love spending time together and they did a lot of it after nine years together on the beloved sitcom. Rub and opposite each other on more recent business audio files, Fake doctor, real friends with Zach and Donald. T-Mobile spot finds friends who sing the best a parody version of West storyBraff’s “I Feel Pretty” as Braff complains about paying too much for the internet, while Faison brags about his affordable deal. “Internet without BS!” they sing to close in place.

“I found myself singing the lyrics, it was a catchy song,” Faison added of the track, which T-Mobile secured from the property of lyricist Stephen Sondheim and composer Leonard Bernstein. “I couldn’t get the song out of my head.”

Viewers seem to love it, too: The T-Mobile slot ranks as the second most viewed Super Bowl ad on YouTube, behind Amazon’s “Mind Reader” slot starring Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost. Beallich.Com caught up with Braff and Faison on a joint phone call to talk about all things Super Bowl, sing at the set and yes, it’s been a rumor for a long time Rub reunion.

Braff: Hi, Donald.

Faison: Hi, handsome. How are you?

Braff: I feel very happy because the response to the ad is so great. We need T-Mobile to release a minute-long version! There is a one-minute version that the interweb needs to know.

Faison: Release the tape!

Congratulations on the ad. Where were you in the match and how did you capture your position?

Faison: My phone blew up a lot – from family members to people I hadn’t spoken to in years; ex-girlfriend, friend from high school, high school, friend since I first moved to Los Angeles.

Braff: I was at my house with some friends. I don’t allow Donald, because his kids are too noisy. So my non-baby friends – some of them are pregnant. Pregnancy is fine.

Faison: You gave birth there, but not mine.

Braff: A very quiet baby. Donald’s kids could have fired cannonballs and I needed to focus. I was just surrounded by friends and everyone was really excited. I actually watched the game. I’m not a big sports fan, but since it’s LA and because I’m so invested in advertising, I actually watched the whole game and it was great. Someone said to me, “Your ads aren’t in the third quarter yet, so you really want an end game.” Then my friend Josh Radin leaned over and said, “Now you need to root for Cincinnati to score, so we’re going to have a tight game.” It’s very complicated when I have to play LA, just so we will have a tight match and maximum effect for our promotion.

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It seemed like the perfect opportunity – a spot in the Super Bowl with your best friend in a concept where you guys live next to each other. How did this come together?

Braff: They presented the idea to us. It’s funny because when there’s downtime and they’re setting up the camera, [Donald and I] both were sitting on the front porch, checking our phones, as if we really lived there. I turned to him and I went,”Man, this is really how I wish we had lived. I really wish we lived next to each other and we could sit on the front porch and talk. “

Faison: That’s great.

Braff: Donald and I both love comedy, we love musicals and we love West story. It was the perfect concept for us. We love to sing. We love being silly. We like to fake things. They couldn’t have designed a better ad for us.

Faison: That’s how T-Mobile put it all together. I find myself singing the lyrics, it’s a catchy song. I can’t get the song out of my head.

You’ve worked so well together and continue to do so for projects like your podcast. What’s a day like on set with the two of you?

Braff: We just broke each other.

Faison: But it’s very easy to focus. We are both professional.

Braff: We never determined what the podcast became. Not just in the United States, but globally. The iHeart numbers are crazy. [On the podcast]we review [Scrubs] and we talk about the program, but I think what a lot of people respond to is that we’ve created this little community. It’s me and Donald, our producer Joelle [Monique] and our engineer Danl [Goodman]. We talk and we go on long roads. It’s like a group of friends with inside jokes and obviously a shared love Rub. I don’t think I could have imagined it would be as successful as it was.

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Faison: I’m excited to be able to talk to Zach every day, especially during this pandemic. [With Zoom], the fact that I can see his face and he can see mine. It really felt like we were hanging out. That really crosses the air into what people are listening to. We actually had a great time talking about something we did a long time ago.

It’s a music commercial, very reminiscent of some funny moments, the song above Rub. Is it fun or scary to sing back on screen?

Faison: I was not worried. I sang around my kids, but actually I started practicing singing again. I haven’t done that in a long time. When I heard about the T-Mobile ad, I said, “I want to make sure I can hit the finish line, and that I’m not underwhelming when I get into the studio.”

Braff: Donald has a ridiculous voice. I had an OK voice, but once I grasped the safety net of knowing that we were having a pre-recording, then it was comfortable on set. It reminds us of do that Rub music. I think I can speak for Donald and say it was one of the best times of our lives. It was a dream come true. We both grew up in musicals. Our parents both love the theater. My father was a lawyer, but he did musicals in the local community theater. I’m going and I can’t believe it can be a job. I love it and Bill Lawrence who created it Rub, also. Even before the musical, Donald and I were always singing and making jingle songs. We both make each other laugh with music, you know?

Speaking of Super Bowl commercials, do you have a favorite?

Faison: I really like the T-Mobile ones.

Braff: I like T-Mobile where Miley Cyrus is singing that song. “Let’s do it for the phone.” Our friend, Cary Brothers, wrote that song and it’s the hottest song. I swear to God, if Miley Cyrus released that single, it would chart. I love Google [Pixel 6] one – a photography advertisement of skin tones. I think that’s really touching and interesting. Did you see that, Donald?

Faison: Yes, it’s great.

I hope we get the full version of your T-Mobile song.

Braff: They won’t listen to us. T-Mobile will listen Beallich.Com.

What is the next pairing? Not at all Rub reunions or new projects coming up?

Faison: I have Alabama Jackson coming out tomorrow. It’s an animated, moving, fast-paced YouTube series that I collaborated with Adult Swim. The film is about a man named Alabama Jackson, who is with Harriet Tubman saving black history by traveling in time. It was with the wonderful Wanda Sykes as Harriet Tubman. Their nemesis is Woodrow Wilson played by the hilarious Seth Green. I’ve been a huge fan of stop-motion animation all my life. My friend had one of these installations, and I presented the idea to him and Adult Swim and they agreed to do it. The first episode of Alabama Jackson will air on February 15 on Adult Swim’s YouTube channel. I am really excited about it.

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And is there any possibility of a Rub reunion in the near future?

Braff: Every time we talk to a reporter, we get this question. No plan. We all want to do it in some capacity, whether it’s a movie or a limited series or something. It’s just that we can’t do it without the king of all things Rub, Bill Lawrence. He just signed the biggest contract of all time and he’s a bit busy. When Bill was around, sometime in 3004. But seriously, if that’s true, I’m sure there isn’t an actor who doesn’t want to get back together and do it in some form. .

In the meantime, you also have podcasts…

Braff: We have podcasts and I have a movie that I did with Morgan Freeman and Florence Pugh called A good man will be released in the fall. I should also say that I participate Cheaper than a dozen – I’m being a bad public person for myself – it’s a Disney+ remake with Gabrielle Union coming out on March 18.

Faison: I watched the first Zach footage – it was amazing.

Braff: Thank you.

Faison: You sent us a preview Cheaper than a dozen, is just a trailer and I’ll tell you something right now. My kids laughed while watching the movie trailer, so right then they were saying something.

Braff: Donald’s family is the final focus group. They were the target demo and it resonated greatly with the focus group.

Interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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