Zendaya Talks Cultural Roots, Family History

Zendaya is approaching and personal for Immigrant Heritage Month.

Former Disney star sitting with his parents Claire Stoermer and Kazembe Ajamu to talk about her family history and cultural legacy in the PSA for the nonprofit Welcome to America.

In the video, titled “Z for Zendaya”, the actress and singer shares about her parents’ roots in Germany and Africa, and how she has grown up to integrate into both cultures. “As a young person, it is important for me to teach other young people to be aware of who they are,” she said. “I started – literally from birth – knowing exactly who I am. It’s all in my name.”

Zendaya also breaks down the cultural meaning behind her full name – Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman. “I have my African name. I have a middle name, it’s [my mom’s] middle name is french, but we spelled it african. So it’s really me in a name,” she said. “And then you have Stoermer, and then you have Coleman. I actually have a timeline in history in my name. “

She added, “I am from Africa, just as I am from Germany. I am very proud of that.”

Watch the video below.

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