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Mysteries surrounding billionaire actress Zhao Wei and her whereabouts became even more intense over the weekend after unsubstantiated reports spread that she had fled China for France after she died. she was blacklisted by the Beijing government.

On Saturday, Chinese news sites surfaced that Zhao had fled the country on a private plane and was discovered at Bordeaux airport in France. Zhao and her husband, Huang Youlong, are the owners of Chateau Monlot, a vineyard located just outside Bordeaux.

Seeking to dispel rumors and being banned on Chinese social media sites like Weibo, Zhao posted three photos to his Instagram account on Sunday, even though that platform was blocked in China. Reports say Zhao claimed on Instagram that she was staying with her parents in Beijing and in response to one commenter, she denied she was in France. The Instagram post was later deleted.

Last Thursday, by order of the government, all entries related to Zhao on Chinese social media platforms such as Weibo were removed, her name removed from the credits of movies and shows. television, and all content featuring her – including movies, TV, show chats and more – has been removed from major streaming sites like Tencent Video and iQiyi.

Any discussion of Zhao on social media is also censored. No official explanation for the blacklist has been given, but the Chinese government is in the process of cracking down on the entertainment industry and the excesses of celebrity fan culture.

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Zhao, who is also known as Vicky or Vicki Zhao and notably starred in My Fair Princess, shaolin and Lost in Hong Kongis a famous star turned billionaire investor and is the face of Italian fashion house Fendi in China.

Chinese state newspaper Global Times reports that no official reason has been given for the moves to remove Zhao’s presence and work from the internet, but it has sparked historical accusations of financial inaccuracies and a other scandals. Most notably, in 2018, the Shanghai Stock Exchange banned Zhao and her husband Huang from being executives of a listed company for five years due to problems and irregularities related to an unauthorized acquisition. successful in 2016.

Close friends of Alibaba founder Jack Ma, Zhao and her husband were early investors in Alibaba Pictures Group, buying a stake worth $400 million in 2015. Once China’s most famous billionaire, the throne Ma’s star has flashed after a spectacular fall from favor with Beijing.

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